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China International Textilefabrics and Accessories Expo

China international textilefabrics and Accessories Expo contact: Mr. Yu

China International Textilefabrics and Accessories Exposition please contact the OrganizingCommittee Office:

[warm prompt] Enterprises shouldsign up as early as possible in order to obtain a relativelysuperior position

In addition to the exhibitiongroup, the exhibition also brings together many domestic first linebrands, such as Hengyuanxiang, Ordos, Hua Xiang, MasterCard,Burberry Dragon, Noble, Jane Shang, etc.

Led by Hebei Jiguo Chemical FiberCo., Ltd, Tianzhu Industry Alliance also organized 12 userenterprises in the alliance with 234 square meters of exhibitionarea. Haiyang knitted sweater industry association also organized ajoint exhibition in the scene.

The Xingcheng Swimsuit IndustryAssociation organized a group exhibition of 15 enterprises topromote industrial value, expand urban impact and cultivatecreative ecology. The exhibitors include Sanqi Sanqi, Shu Manqi,Playboy PYBOYY, Seadill, Cadillon Kdilon, Gianni Jaonifero,Gabernio Jabernio, Vicki. VICKI.VICKII, QI HAI, DIEZI, COOCLO, etc.Excellent swimsuit / beach wear brand, for Huludao swimwearindustry and urban brand development.

Shenzhen underwear IndustryAssociation as the largest underwear industry cluster in the PHvalue exhibition area focus on the overall situation of theunderwear industry in Shenzhen, well-known enterprisesstyle.

Qinghe cashmere products marketmanagement committee organized nearly 10 related enterprises toparticipate in the exhibition, Beiguojiao, snow Kunu, Kingves,Lendilland and other cashmere brands collective exhibition, theexhibition area of 318 square meters.

Among them, Jiaxing City Woolensweater Industry Association organized 14 key cashmere enterprises,including Jiaxing Rabbit King Cashmere Co., Ltd., ZhejiangQianshengxi Garment Co., Ltd., Jiaxing Didi Cashmere Apparel Co.,Ltd., Zhejiang San Nair Apparel Co., Ltd., etc. To 558 squaremeters of exhibition space to appear at theexhibition.

The exhibition uses the NationalConvention and Exhibition Center ( Shanghai ) Exhibition Center ,portable textile , yarn , clothing fabric and accessories in manyexcellent enterprises .

The exhibition mainly servestextiles, yarns, clothing fabrics and accessories, including hometextiles, yarns, fashion women's fabrics, leisure clothing fabrics,underwear / swimwear fabrics, accessories, functional / sportswearfabrics. Realize the value chain from garment processing to brandto channel to consumer. Shanghai fabric Expo 2019 Shanghaiunderwear 2019 Shanghai underwear official website 2019 ShanghaiSwimsuit official website 2019 Shanghai socks official website 2019Shanghai Knitting Exhibition official website 2019 Shanghai knittedfabrics Expo 2019 Shanghai underwear Exhibition official website2019 Shanghai Swimsuit Exhibition official website 2019 Shanghaisocks Exhibition official website 2019 Shanghai knitted fabricsofficial website 2019 Shanghai underwear official website 2019Shanghai Swimsuit Exhibition official website 2019 019 ShanghaiCentral Needle Association official website, with a new form,detailed service in business negotiations, channel expansion, trendrelease, international cooperation and other aspects for exhibitorsand viewers to create a new atmosphere andexperience.

The 2017 PH value ChinaInternational Textile fabrics and Accessories (Spring and Summer)Expo, At the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai)on March 15-17, 2017. PH value China International Textile fabricsand Accessories Expo will change from once a year to two seasons ayear and a more detailed exhibition position. For exhibitors tobring a more comprehensive market coverage and more open space andopportunities to use the exhibition to achieve the effectiveintegration of the two markets at home andabroad.

The more mature intertextile willcontinue to strengthen the trade between China and the rest of theworld in the field of textiles, expand international exchanges andcooperation between the industry, and work hard to promote thedevelopment and market prosperity of China's textileindustry.

China international textile fabricand excipient Expo is the world's largest garment and excipientexhibition. The exhibition provides a one-stop procurement platformfor clothing manufacturers, trade companies, exporters, retailers,chain stores and other fabric buyers to display all kinds ofclothing materials and accessories, widely used in dress, shirts,women's clothes, functions / sports. China international textilefabrics and excipients Expo is not only a high quality platform forthe latest materials and excipients, but also the popular trend andSymposium for the next quarter of the populartrend.

The China International Textilefabrics and Accessories Expo was first held in Shanghai in October,then expanded to Shanghai in March and October, and Shenzhen inJuly. The exhibition area has expanded from 4000 square meters inthe first session of 1995 to square meters in the 22 sessionin 2016, and the number of exhibitors has increased from more than100 in the first 12 countries and regions to more than 4600 in 29countries and regions in 2016. These growth figures represent adevelopment that means deep recognition by exhibitors at home andabroad. As the world's largest professional facade exhibitorsexhibition The rapid development of intertextile fabric exhibitionhas witnessed the rapid development of textile and garment industryin China for more than 20 years.

China International Textilefabrics and Accessories Expo was founded in 1995. Since itsinception, we have been adhering to the principles ofprofessionalism and trade, as well as the purpose of servingexhibitors, industries and markets. The focus of the Expo has beenon the organization of professional audiences. With thetransmission of the latest international popular information andthe promotion of substantial trade and cooperation, the Expo hasdeveloped rapidly and achieved remarkable results. At the sametime, the Expo also received exhibitors, visitors and industrypeople alike.

[background to theorganization]

Textiles, fabrics, cotton silk,wool, flax, knitting, linens, plush, leather, fur, yarn, clothingaccessories, Rayon, etc.

Home textile: home textilefabrics, accessories, sofa cloth, curtain fabric, tablecloth,bedding textile products, carpets, and other householdtextiles.

Clothing: all kinds of men's wear,women's wear, children's wear, youth fashion, wedding dress, denim,underwear, swimsuit, leather and accessories,etc.

All kinds of accessories: buttons,zippers, labels, ribbons, buttons, shoulder pads and otheraccessories

Fibres and yarns: cotton, silk,wool, hemp, spandex, silk, polyester cotton, polyester, nylon,polyester and viscose, etc.

Other fabrics: artificial fur,artificial leather, grey cloth, embroidery, Raschel, Moflon,etc.

Knitted fabrics: ultrafine fiber,velvet and other knitted fabrics

Woven fabrics: textile, Yarn,Cotton, Silk, Wool, Elastic, Sky Silk, Polyester, Polyester, Fiber,Polyester, Denim, etc.

[scope ofparticipation]

Our slogan: "because of focus, soprofessional; because of professional, so excellence, because ofexcellence, so trust"

Booth reservation: Mr. Yu 1 / 8 /3 / 2 / 1 / 3 / 7 / 5 / 5 / 5 / 2 / QQ: 1 / 9 / 0 / 0 / 3 / 6 / 0 /0 / 2 / 9 / 5 / 6

Abbreviations: textile Exhibition,Shanghai Textile and fabrics Exhibition, Textile Exhibition, ChinaGarment Accessories Exhibition, Shanghai TextileExpo

Exhibition cycle: once a year,held regularly in Shanghai every year

Venue: Shanghai NationalConvention and Exhibition Center (333 Songze Avenue, QingpuDistrict, Shanghai)

Shanghai Autumn and Winter time:September, Shanghai Spring and Summer time: March14-16

【英文版】 2019 China International Textilefabrics and Accessories (Autumn and Winter) Expo & 2019 ChinaInternational Textile fabrics and Accessories (Spring and Summer)Expo



【上届展会回顾】以CHIC展中展的形式出现的2018 PHValue中国国际纺织面料及辅料(春夏)博览会,看看the。广泛应用于正装、衬衫、女装、功能/运动装、休闲装、牛仔等各类服装。看看received。中国国际纺织面料及辅料博览会不仅是采购最新面料及辅料的优质平台,also。为服装制造商、贸易公司、进出口商、零售商、连锁店等面料买家展示各类服装面料及辅料,intertextile面料展蓬勃发展的20多年也见证了中国纺织服装行业的高速发展。


 the Expo also received exhibitors the Expo also received exhibitors








展位预定:余先生 /

展会简称:纺织展, 展会周期:一年二届, 展会地点:上海国家会展中心(上海市青浦区崧泽大道333号)




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