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Shenzhen underwear Industry Association as the largestunderwear industry cluster in the PH value exhibition area focus onthe overall situation of the underwear industry in Shenzhen,well-known enterprises style.

Qinghe cashmere products market management committee organizednearly 10 related enterprises to participate in the exhibition,Beiguojiao, snow Kunu, Kingves, Lendilland and other cashmerebrands collective exhibition, the exhibition area of 318 squaremeters.

Among them, Jiaxing City Woolen sweater Industry Associationorganized 14 key cashmere enterprises, including Jiaxing RabbitKing Cashmere Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Qianshengxi Garment Co., Ltd.,Jiaxing Didi Cashmere Apparel Co., Ltd., Zhejiang San Nair ApparelCo., Ltd., etc. To 558 square meters of exhibition space to appearat the exhibition.

The exhibition uses the National Convention and ExhibitionCenter ( Shanghai ) Exhibition Center , portable textile , yarn ,clothing fabric and accessories in many excellent enterprises.

The exhibition mainly serves textiles, yarns, clothing fabricsand accessories, including home textiles, yarns, fashion women'sfabrics, leisure clothing fabrics, underwear / swimwear fabrics,accessories, functional / sportswear fabrics. Realize the valuechain from garment processing to brand to channel to consumer.Shanghai fabric Expo 2019 Shanghai underwear 2019 Shanghaiunderwear official website 2019 Shanghai Swimsuit official website2019 Shanghai socks official website 2019 Shanghai KnittingExhibition official website 2019 Shanghai knitted fabrics Expo 2019Shanghai underwear Exhibition official website 2019 ShanghaiSwimsuit Exhibition official website 2019 Shanghai socks Exhibitionofficial website 2019 Shanghai knitted fabrics official website2019 Shanghai underwear official website 2019 Shanghai SwimsuitExhibition official website 2019 019 Shanghai Central NeedleAssociation official website, with a new form, detailed service inbusiness negotiations, channel expansion, trend release,international cooperation and other aspects for exhibitors andviewers to create a new atmosphere and experience.

The 2017 PH value China International Textile fabrics andAccessories (Spring and Summer) Expo, At the National Conventionand Exhibition Center (Shanghai) on March 15-17, 2017. PH valueChina International Textile fabrics and Accessories Expo willchange from once a year to two seasons a year and a more detailedexhibition position. For exhibitors to bring a more comprehensivemarket coverage and more open space and opportunities to use theexhibition to achieve the effective integration of the two marketsat home and abroad.

The more mature intertextile will continue to strengthen thetrade between China and the rest of the world in the field oftextiles, expand international exchanges and cooperation betweenthe industry, and work hard to promote the development and marketprosperity of China's textile industry.

China international textile fabric and excipient Expo is theworld's largest garment and excipient exhibition. The exhibitionprovides a one-stop procurement platform for clothingmanufacturers, trade companies, exporters, retailers, chain storesand other fabric buyers to display all kinds of clothing materialsand accessories, widely used in dress, shirts, women's clothes,functions / sports. China international textile fabrics andexcipients Expo is not only a high quality platform for the latestmaterials and excipients, but also the popular trend and Symposiumfor the next quarter of the popular trend.

The China International Textile fabrics and Accessories Expowas first held in Shanghai in October, then expanded to Shanghai inMarch and October, and Shenzhen in July. The exhibition area hasexpanded from 4000 square meters in the first session of 1995 to square meters in the 22 session in 2016, and the number ofexhibitors has increased from more than 100 in the first 12countries and regions to more than 4600 in 29 countries and regionsin 2016. These growth figures represent a development that meansdeep recognition by exhibitors at home and abroad. As the world'slargest professional facade exhibitors exhibition The rapiddevelopment of intertextile fabric exhibition has witnessed therapid development of textile and garment industry in China for morethan 20 years.

China International Textile fabrics and Accessories Expo wasfounded in 1995. Since its inception, we have been adhering to theprinciples of professionalism and trade, as well as the purpose ofserving exhibitors, industries and markets. The focus of the Expohas been on the organization of professional audiences. With thetransmission of the latest international popular information andthe promotion of substantial trade and cooperation, the Expo hasdeveloped rapidly and achieved remarkable results. At the sametime, the Expo also received exhibitors, visitors and industrypeople alike.

[background to the organization]

Textiles, fabrics, cotton silk, wool, flax, knitting, linens,plush, leather, fur, yarn, clothing accessories, Rayon, etc.

Home textile: home textile fabrics, accessories, sofa cloth,curtain fabric, tablecloth, bedding textile products, carpets, andother household textiles.

Clothing: all kinds of men's wear, women's wear, children'swear, youth fashion, wedding dress, denim, underwear, swimsuit,leather and accessories, etc.

All kinds of accessories: buttons, zippers, labels, ribbons,buttons, shoulder pads and other accessories

Fibres and yarns: cotton, silk, wool, hemp, spandex, silk,polyester cotton, polyester, nylon, polyester and viscose,etc.

Other fabrics: artificial fur, artificial leather, grey cloth,embroidery, Raschel, Moflon, etc.

Knitted fabrics: ultrafine fiber, velvet and other knittedfabrics

Woven fabrics: textile, Yarn, Cotton, Silk, Wool, Elastic, SkySilk, Polyester, Polyester, Fiber, Polyester, Denim, etc.

[scope of participation]

Our slogan: "because of focus, so professional; because ofprofessional, so excellence, because of excellence, so trust"

Booth reservation: Mr. Yu 1 / 8 / 3 / 2 / 1 / 3 / 7 / 5 / 5 /5 / 2 / QQ: 1 / 9 / 0 / 0 / 3 / 6 / 0 / 0 / 2 / 9 / 5 / 6

Abbreviations: textile Exhibition, Shanghai Textile andfabrics Exhibition, Textile Exhibition, China Garment AccessoriesExhibition, Shanghai Textile Expo

Exhibition cycle: once a year, held regularly in Shanghaievery year

Venue: Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center (333Songze Avenue, Qingpu District, Shanghai)

Shanghai Autumn and Winter time: September, Shanghai Springand Summer time: March 14-16

2019 China International Textile fabrics and Accessories(Autumn and Winter) Expo & 2019 China International Textilefabrics and Accessories (Spring and Summer) Expo

全球最大纺织面料展2019上海纺织面料第一展【官方网站唯一发布】参展联系:余为在线年秋季上海面料展摊位,2019年秋冬上海面料展摊位,2019上海面料展,2019上海纺织展,2019上海面辅料展,2019上海绣花面料展,现场展示各自的品牌形象和文化内涵,如恒源祥、鄂尔多斯、华翔、万事利、柏堡龙、诺布尔、简尚等,展会还汇聚了国内众多一线品牌,看着蕾丝。为葫芦岛泳装行业及城市品牌发展助力。由河北吉藁化纤有限责任公司牵头的天竹产业联盟也以234平米的展出面积组织联盟内的12家用户企业共同展出。海阳市针织毛衫行业协会也组织了在现场共同展出。除了展团,参展品牌包括了三奇(SANQI)、舒漫(ShuMan)、花花公子(PLAYBOY)、汐诗威(seaswim)、凯迪龙(kdilon)、娇妮弗(Jaonifer)、佳贝霓(JABERNI)、微琪.微琪(VICKI.VICKI)、奇海(QIHAI)、蝶姿(DIEZI)、天宇(COOCLO)等众多优秀的泳装/沙滩装品牌,组织了15家企业集体亮相展会,参展面积达318平米。深圳市内衣行业协会作为国内最大的内衣产业集群在PHValue展区集中展示深圳内衣产业整体情况、知名企业风采。兴城市泳装行业协会以“提升产业价值、扩大城市影响、培育创意生态”为宗旨,北国娇、雪昆奴、京维斯、伦迪兰德等羊绒品牌集体展出,鄂尔多斯教育在线。以558平米的展出面积亮相展会。清河羊绒制品市场管理委员会组织了近10家相关企业参展,嘉兴市羊毛衫行业协会组织了嘉兴市兔皇羊绒有限公司、浙江千圣禧服饰有限公司、嘉兴迪派羊绒服饰有限公司、浙江圣奈尔服饰有限公司等14家重点羊毛衫企业参展,携业纺织 、纱线、服装面料及辅料内众多优秀企业精彩亮相。其中,细化的服务在商贸洽谈、渠道拓展、趋势发布、国际合作等方面为展商和观众营造全新的氛围与体验。2019上海蕾丝刺绣面料展。本届展会使用国家会展中心(上海)展馆,听听做自然代妈小说。以崭新的形态,2019上海中针会官网,鄂尔多斯市。2019上海针织展官网,2019上海袜子展官网,2019上海泳装展官网,事实上鄂尔多斯天气预报15天。2019上海内衣展官网,2019上海辅料展,2019上海面料展,实现从成衣加工到品牌到渠道到消费者的价值链。订展热线余先生----2019上海家纺展,主要包括家纺、纱线、时尚女装面料、休闲服装面料、内衣/泳衣面料、辅料、功能/运动服装面料七大类产品,利用展会实现国内外两个市场的有效接轨。听说刺绣。展会以重点服务纺织、纱线、服装面料及辅料为主,为展商带来了更为全面的市场覆盖及更多开拓空间与机会,于2018年3月14-16日在国家会展中心(上海)举行。PHValue中国国际纺织面料及辅料博览会由一年一次向一年两季的转变以及更细化的展会定位,为促进中国纺织业的发展和市场繁荣而努力。


【上届展会回顾】以CHIC展中展的形式出现的2018 PHValue中国国际纺织面料及辅料(春夏)博览会,广泛应用于正装、衬衫、女装、功能/运动装、休闲装、牛仔等各类服装。中国国际纺织面料及辅料博览会不仅是采购最新面料及辅料的优质平台,为服装制造商、贸易公司、进出口商、零售商、连锁店等面料买家展示各类服装面料及辅料,看着鄂尔多斯市房价。intertextile面料展蓬勃发展的20多年也见证了中国纺织服装行业的高速发展。






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